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Adelma Beach Properties are located on Discovery Bay, just five miles south of Port Townsend, Washington.



View from lower unit


Sit on the dock, walk the beach, collect shells and sand dollars. At low tide, look for starfish. Watch the resident bald eagle. During crab season, you just might get lucky and have one brought to you by a nice neighbor.





That VIEW!





Dock justting out into the bay

What do you like to do? Boating, swimming, crabbing? How about sitting on the beach watching the sunset? Sleeping 'til noon?

Escape to our cabin on Adelma Beach. It may be just a couple hours, or so, from Seattle—but it's a total different world here on the Olympic Peninsula!

Be aware: We have LOTS of stairs from the parking above to the beach units.


Dogs welcomed!

And yes, your pets
may come, too.


Use this link to reserve the Upper Unit.

Use this link to reserve the Lower Unit.


Adelma Beach Properties LLC
262 Adelma Beach Road
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Ready to walk the beach near Port Townsend, Washington


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